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Case Study
Jose Lopez
Professor Marko
July 21, 2012

Case Study 1
When creating the blue prints to a new apartment building there are several aspects that need to be taken in consideration for example the area where the building is going to be built as well as the history of crimes in that area. Engineers need to work with security managers to ensure that they take advantage of the new building to create strategic measures within the building to help with crimes that might take place. Since they are going to be new building it’s going to attract local criminals to vandalize and commit crimes that’s when natural surveillance comes in place deterring criminals to commit their crimes. Not only does the new building has to be protected from a high crime area but as well as from a industrial area which makes it that much harder. When building this new building we have to first identify the type of threats, what measures need to be taken to protect the building and restoration strategies.
The first step should be identifying the possible threats that the building is going to bring by its high crime rate of its bordering urban area as well as the industrial area that’s on the other side of the new building. I would start by looking at the history of the crimes to give me an idea of what exactly I’m dealing with before the plans are drafted but the industrial building can bring several problems as well. Once the threats have been identified then we can start constructing the building, which will provide its own natural security making it easier for security guards to properly protect the building from criminals. The industrial facilities that are going to be located close by to our new building need to be identified as well since they offer a large amount of threat to our building.
Once the threats have been identified that’s when we can commence the strategic structure of our building that would provide natural surveillance, as well as giving the security manger the exact amount of security guards that will be needed. The construction should give strategic points for local law enforcement to easily access the building when need be but it should also give criminals a hard time to come in and out of building. By only having two access point one to enter an another to exit the threat can be contained inside the buildings giving law enforcement the upper hand when it comes to dealing with local criminals. The building should be properly lighted, have the little to none blind spots and access points with security password to prevent the entry of unwanted people. There should also be some sort of drainage system that is separate from the one being used by the industrial facility since we don’t know what type of hazardous materials are being dumped into the drainage.
Creating a natural surveillance using the building can provide that much needed protection from criminals along with those threats that are imposed by the industrial facilities depending on their line of work it can oppose a great danger to the new building. The proper design of the new building and how effective we use of the built environment can lead to a reduction in the fear and incidence of crime and improvement in the quality of life. The use of natural surveillance is primarily used to keep intruders under observation making it that less likely for them to commit a crime. By just properly lighting a parking lot and building as well as having appropriate night lighting we are creating a natural surveillance since the lighting give people in the building visibility of what’s going on around them. Natural Surveillance involves designing windows, lighting and landscaping to improve your ability, and everyone else's ability, to observe what is going on inside and around the building.
Protecting the building from unwanted people is the main concern security managers should include a well-established audio and video surveillance as well adequate…