Seeking Out Freedom Essay

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Kristel Logan
Ms. Davis
U.S History
Oct. 1, 2012
Seeking Out Freedom Around the time of the Revolutionary War slaves fought for their freedom. Slaves suffered through their hardships serving their masters and were constantly mistreated. They planned many different ways to try and solve their problem, but some did not always work out the way they intended it would. There were petitions, letters were written, people ran away, and many other things were done to try win over their freedom. A lot of them did not even survive while working and fighting for what they desired the most. Joining the war to free the servants seemed to be the best solution for them. Serving in the army became the slaves’ most successful way to gain their rights to freedom. The start of serving in the army happened when Lord Dunmore saw that he was greatly outnumbered. With this disadvantage he saw a solution to help bargain with the slaves. He protested and told the patriots’ slaves that he, “offered freedom to any slave who would fight for the king” (54). When the servants heard of this many came and some even had to run away from their masters eager to come and serve. They would do all they can to be free even if they had to die trying. With the slaves fighting in the war, they were not only fighting for freedom, but also for their own lives. They put their life on the line to hopefully retrieve what they hoped for. The African Americans made a major contribution to the war and some never gave them much credit. They did all they could to help, so they served many purposes in the war and had multiple…