Essay about Segment Information and Geographic Data

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In its operation of the business, management, including our chief operating decision maker, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, reviews certain financial information, including segmented internal profit and loss statements prepared on a basis not consistent with U.S. GAAP. The segment information within this note is reported on that basis. Our five segments are Windows & Windows Live Division; Server and Tools; Online Services Division; Microsoft Business Division; and Entertainment and Devices Division.
Due to the integrated structure of our business, certain revenue earned and costs incurred by one segment may benefit other segments. Revenue on certain contracts may be allocated among the segments based on the relative value of the underlying products and services. Costs that are identifiable are allocated to the segments that benefit to incent cross-collaboration among our segments so that one segment is not solely burdened by the cost of a mutually beneficial activity. Allocated costs may include those relating to development and marketing of products and services from which multiple segments benefit, or those costs relating to services performed by one segment on behalf of other segments. Each allocation is measured differently based on the specific facts and circumstances of the costs being allocated.
In addition, certain costs incurred at a corporate level that are identifiable and that benefit our segments are allocated to them. These allocated costs include costs of: field selling; employee benefits; shared facilities services; and customer service and support. Each allocation is measured differently based on the specific facts and circumstances of the costs being allocated. Certain other corporate-level activity is not allocated to our segments, including costs of: broad-based sales and marketing; product support services; human resources; legal; finance; information technology; corporate development and procurement activities; research and development; legal settlements and contingencies; and employee severance.
We have recast certain prior period amounts within this note to conform to the way we internally managed and monitored segment performance during the current fiscal year, including moving Microsoft’s PC hardware business from Entertainment and Devices Division to Windows & Windows Live Division, Windows Embedded from Entertainment and Devices Division to Server and