Self: Evaluation and True Self Assessment Essay

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The self is first and foremost the collection of beliefs that we hold about ourselves, simple but interesting. The first question posed to us is what are our import characteristic. People put on a show daily so they can fit into their surroundings, with that being said integrity and accountability is key. Self esteem is the evaluation we make of ourselves, and when we use reflective appraisals we need to apply that integrity to give our self a true self assessment and show accountability when we fall short of our goals rather than point the finger; at times positive illusions of oneself leads to self-affirmations. The next set of questions asks what are we good at and what do we do poorly? We do our interdependent self well because our behaviors is determined and dependant on what one perceives to be the thoughts, feelings, and actions of others I the relationship. We do things to get someone attention, to prove our self to others, or just to obtain their love and affection. Independent self is something we do not do well; our parents even try to teach this to us. The old saying goes, “if he jumps off a bridge will you jump to?” We actually define independence as a fundamental task of socialization. This is and will always be harder to do simply because we are affectionate and dependant beings. As babies we depend on an adult to feed as and clothes us because we are unable to help our self. Then we can help our self we as the person next to us how does things look on