Essay on Self harm

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I used to be a cutter… but shh, don’t tell. Society didn't allow me to express my pain that way…Today’s society refuses to acknowledge many problems that teens deal with. People would rather believe in ‘happily ever after’ than face the truth, children are suffering. While it may seem to others that the problems are made up, its very real to the one dealing with them everyday. This suffering can leave permanent scars, and damage (if not ruin) their future. By remaining ignorant, self harm becomes more and more common, but at what cost? If educators and medical personnel were to be more educated on self harm and how to deal with it, teens and young adults would be more comfortable asking for help. Getttig rid of the stereotypes that …show more content…
While I personally believe that self harm should not be such a commin topic, I can understand why it is. Talking about self harm is uncomfortable and awkward, especially when it is self centered. Teachers believe that discussing self harm in school could put the idea in the students head, and increase a problem. This is untrue; if someone wanted to self harm, it would be impossible to stop them. The same is true for the opposite, as someone who has never even considered self harming is highly unlikely to try it just because they heard about it at school. Peer pressure, however, is different. If one teen is self harming, it is likely that one of their friends is self harming. Teachers have also expressed concerns that if self harm was more talked about, students would use self harm as an excuse to leave school, or to fall back on homework. Hospital staff voices similar concerns about the stigma surrounding self harm. If it was okay for self harm to be thrown about in society in such a jokingly manner, more people would be in emergency rooms requesting care for the wounds that they inflicted upon themselves. One nurse stated she believes those with self inflicted wounds deserve to hurt as they should of known the consequences of their actions. Asking for help is sometimes impossible for those who self harm. While there is much information on the internet, there are few