Essay on September 11

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September 11, 2001 8:46 A.M. I was just getting up from a late night and seen what had ahppened on television. I was in shock, at this time i wasnt in the military, however this was one of the the things that made me want to join. there are many theories of conspiracy and then there are the beliefs that it was actual terrorism, I know the only thing that really matters is that 2,974 innocent lives were taken. This is unnacceptable no matter whether it was terrorism or a conspiracy, this is the United States of America and it should have never happened. I believe that whoever was responsible for the attacks should be brought to justice and the families of the victims should have closure. Of course we all know that we have been fighting two wars since this has happened in two different countries. i was in iraq when saddam hussein was put to death, i seen the video thirty minutes after he was hung. then we kill osama bin laden a few months ago in Pakistan, but we are fighting the War on Terror in Afghanistan and Iraq, this makes no sense that we are in those countries because of 9/11 and the mastermind behind 9/11 is in Pakistan. who knows, maybe there was a conspiracy, but why would you kill your own people? alot of this makes no sense to me, its like the pot calling the kettle black if it was a conspiracy. we would be just as bad as Saddam Hussien, he killed his own people with gas I dont think of America as this way, but everything is political these days. even in the military, when i first joined i was taught you take care of your men, now everyone is worried how to make their