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Sex and Gender People often believe that sex and gender are similar, when in reality they are not. Sex is defined as a biological characteristic that distinguish females and males, consisting of primary and secondary sex characteristic. Gender consists of whatever behaviors and attitude a group considers proper for its males and female; masculinity and femininity. The difference between these two is that Sex refers to biological differences; chromosomes, hormonal profiles, internal and external sex organs. Gender describes the characteristics that a society or culture delineates as masculine or feminine. When I was a child I experience things that my caregivers did or said to shape my gender role. For example, when I was 6 my mother put me in a dance class filled with girls my age. I didn’t want dance I wanted to play baseball like my older cousin Alex. My mother didn’t allow it. She said that all the girls in my school will think I’m a guy because I wanted to play baseball. I begged my dad but he just ignored me. So for about 3 months I was forced into dance until my parents were tired of me complaining. I begged some more until they cave in. Even though my mother wasn’t happy to put me in baseball she still supported me and went to my games. Another time was when my mother would always put pigtails on my hair with huge bows. I hated them. Every time she would comb my hair, about fifteen minutes later I would undo them. She would get frustrated because I never left them on and say that no one would want to play with me because my hair was messy. But, I knew that they would because half of the people I played with had messy hair as well. So it never fazed me. I believe that I’m gender natural because there are times that I can be more feminine like when I am babysitting little babies. I can also have days when I’m more masculine like when I am playing a very intense game. It just varies at times. My brother was treated somewhat similar when it came to our parents shaping our gender roles. When my brother was 8 my father signed him up for football. My brother hates football. He’s not really the athletic type. He rather play video games then throw a football, but according to my dad he was perfect for football. My brother ended up quitting football before they had their first game but, my father wasn’t too happy about it. He told my brother that he is pretty much not a man because he didn’t like football but my brother didn’t care. He knew he my father was just talking down because he was angry. My brother and I were both going through similar problems because we both didn’t want to do what our parents wanted us to do and did what we wanted to