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Part 1 1) Map dominating events
Using the Zeitgeist map to interpret pop culture and what I feel played a role in my understanding of the spirit of the time include a play I attended recently called West Side Story. The plot of the play is a modern interpretation of the classic novel Romeo and Juliet. The main theme of the play was the racial tension between Whites and Latinos. The play showcased women’s effect on men and how some women are mistreated sexually due to their gender. The lead actress of the play played a young innocent Latino girl who fell in love with a white male. Her main focus in the play was to help stop this racial tension and war between both races by talking to her partner rationally and maturely. Her bravery to do so definitely emanates some form of superhero power. In contrast to that, there were rape scenes in the play where women were treated like an objects where they were in no position to voice out their own opinion against men. This objectification and mistreatment of women saddens me.

Another short play that I attended last semester was a student play called Lyistrata. I found this play highly related to the theme of sexy empowerment and porn chic as it showcases women’s sexual power over men. This play talks about a diverse group of women who their husbands have gone to war for an extended period of time. They as a group came up with a solution to end war by threatening their husbands that they will not give them sex unless they surrender the war and make peace. The struggle of men to accept this fact and their final decision on succumbing to the offer showcases women’s sexual power on men. This act though mischievous and unconventional proved a point that women can make a difference (in a good way) with their sex appeal.

2) Map Dominating Ideals
Ideals of feminity that is propaganded in our world today can be seen in various forms. Speaking from some personal experience, I attended a male strip show called “Thunder Down Under” in Las Vegas over Winter Break. The show was targeted mainly to female audience to gain popularity. Strip shows like these use women’s feelings and sexual drive to attract attention and to make money. The motive of sexual attraction and stimulation to make business has made me form an ideal to the world today where sex appeal is one of the most important drivers of success and profit. In addition to that, female striptease shows are done for the pleasure of men where the women strippers are required to prance around topless, dance and sing all for the entertainment of their male audience.

Many advertising we see today objectifies women to a certain extent. An example of this can can be seen in the Gucci advertisement where the female model’s body is half cropped where only the bottom half of her body can be seen and a male model is squatting in from of her with her pants down and a G letter was embroided on her pubic hair. This objectification of women is almost intolerable. The mentality the only power women possess is sexual power pull a heartstring as I believe women are so much better than that.

Some advertisements portray women in power suits where the focus is supposedly meant to not be sexual, this however might just be an illusion as a fantasy role play men has for women. This persistency has clouded the minds of many women since their early teens that attention and power can only be gained through sex appeal. The ideals of today’s society is still I would say, demeaning to women.

3) Map denominating Social Groups

Student organizations play a major role in my life as a student as it happens every day around me. I am a member of one of the most active volunteer organizations on campus and we organize and participate in various events to raise funds for the less fortunate. Among the many that I find most influential and significant include the Polar Bare Run, Relay for Life and Beat Hunger. In the Polar Bare Run, students