Essay on Sex Education

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James L. Torres
March 26, 2013
Assignment #3 Taking a Position (Argumentative)
Section: 1155/ 9:15pm – 10:30pm
Has Sex Education Gone too Far?
A child grows from their surroundings and upbringing. When we allow ourselves to bring negative energy whether mentally or physically, into that child’s life, we allow corruption to develop. It is our duty in life to provide unconditional love to children as well as each other. Positive energy allows us to look at things in a more compassionate, understanding way. However a lesson is not meant to tell right from wrong, but to help one understand. Not by focusing on the negative, but by looking to a positive future.
Children these days are experiencing sex education too early in their development. There is no reason why a child as young as twelve should be exposed to such things. As a child, there is a sense of naivety that goes along with their youth. They should stay in their innocence remaining fascinated with learning the principles it takes to build a better future. Most sex education is taught as a brief interlude in a physical education or health class. This is not enough time to absorb effectively to a serious matter. Opening the mental door to a child on the topic of sex is going to trigger an interest to explore.
“Sex education is often seen as a 'recreational' course and not seen as a serious issue.” Often, sexual education can go against moral or religious beliefs of an individual. Many schools in the United States don’t teach Abstinence-Only, but instead give an approach on safe sex. Even still, many religions and religious families stress marriage before intercourse, effectively confusing the child. A child doesn’t have the mental stability to make his or her own decisions in life until they reach maturity. If one must be eighteen to purchase a scratch ticket, why is it ok for them to learn about sex in a public venue, at any earlier age?
Youth pregnancy is no longer the stigma it used to be in the United States. There seems to be more support than lack there of in today’s society. Many school systems have caused corruption within societies, due to the carelessness of what is being taught. While drug awareness and sex education may seem to be necessary, often it is the case that the individuals being taught don’t have the mental stability to sustain the information they are learning.
Reproduction in the United States among young teen girls is something that is getting out of control. The media appears to support it rather than bring awareness to the real issues, citing the ever so popular espousal of “sex sells.” Turning on a television in present day, one would be met with such shows as: “Sixteen and Pregnant”, “Kate Plus Eight”, “Maury”, and “Jerry Springer”. What are these shows really teaching young females or even young men? They are teaching that if they get pregnant or make some stupid decision, they’ll gain publicity. Youth pregnancy is a terrible problem now a days. There are all these babies in the world being raised by teenagers that don’t have the values or lessons to raise a child. Some don’t understand the real responsibilities of having sex and consequences of losing their own childhood.
Sex Education is leading to young teens acting on their impulses without