Short: Cuba and Plan Essay

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In April 1961, Cuban exiles that were trained by the CIA and military forces, landed on the Bay of Pigs in Cuba. Their mission was to over throw the Cuban leader Fidel Castro. This mission was a major failure many men getting killed and even more were taken in as prisoners of war. Who was to blame for this disaster? The CIA were planning this even before president Kennedy was even in office, but Kennedy was the president at the time the mission was in its final stage and close to happening. The CIA before anyone really knew what was happening came up with the plan to train Cuban exiles to take over Castro so his communist plan would be over. Some say that Nixon president at the time Castro took over came up with this idea of using Cubans against Castro. Soon the CIA started planning this mission. Soon later the first anti-Castro plan came up in meeting. Soon after that the CIA had already gathered groups that had already formed an Anti-Castro group and brought them together with other groups. For many reason though the group that was now formed had to train but couldn’t do it on American soil so the Cubans and other world powers wouldn’t think we were starting a war, so they took it to Guatemala were they formed their guerilla training camps. The time it took for the CIA to train all of these groups, Castro continued to get stronger as he was getting closer to the Soviet Union, and they were strengthening his hold on the island. CIA thought now with that power we were going to have to use direct military forces. The new plan now was to train 60 exiles with higher training and train the rest with the basic military training needed. After explaining the plan now to the Special Group of a shoreline attack and an airstrike on to destroy Castros air fields and planes to make the fight a little easier on the Exiles and hopefully the Militia would later come help. As President Kennedy came to office the plan was still going strong and the CIA said it was a matter of time until Castros regime Collapsed. The president went on to tell the CIA that the plan was still a go ahead. He said this because the Chiefs report said that the plan had a high success rate, even though they knew the plan had a low chance of being successful. A month passed of Kennedy being in office and the plan the CIA had come up with started to flow and gain momentum, but the president of Guatemala wanted the Cuban exiles out of his country by the end of April. The plan the CIA had come up with now had to be done sooner rather than later and there was nowhere else to put the people they trained, and that was to put them back into Cuba. Kennedy was in a hard spot now if he was to call of the whole operation and cancel the plan of the CIA he didn’t know if he would be able to get all the weapons we them have back. The CIA kept reporting positive feedback about the brigade’s morale and calling this off would demoralize them. Pressuring the President even more the CIA told Kennedy that soon Castro would be receiving Soviet built jets and that would ruin the whole mission.…