Short Essay 3

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Shannon Vallejo
IBUS 130
SP 2015
Short Essay #3
Immigrants and the Integration into Society
Every day, adult immigrants are integrating into society in the United States. Many opportunities through labor markets, work experiences, religious institutions, and government sponsored social programs have helped make the transition of citizens between countries effective and efficient. One example that has positively affected my family personally is the use of government sponsored social programs.
In 1967, my great grandfather, Santiago Vallejo, served in the United States Navy and petitioned to have his children and grandchildren (to include my father) become naturalized citizens in the United States through a government sponsored social program. This program helped my grandfather, Bernardino Vallejo (42 years old at the time), not only come to the U.S, but also obtain a work visa to be able to provide and support my family here in the states as well as a few members back in the Philippines.
My grandfather had mixed feelings regarding his citizenship which affected his ability to adapt to society. On one hand, he was idolized by family members in the Philippines for being able to come to the “great” United States, but on the other hand, his not being able to speak fluent English affected the few relationships he began to form here.
Throughout the course of his life, my grandfather continuously evaluated and considered the different compromises he would have to make in order