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Memo Report

Date: February 20, 2015
To: Professor xxx
From: xxx
Subject: Group Progress on Informative Speech

We, xxx and xxx, have chosen to inform our audience of the new dress code policy at our place of employment. We have made much progress in determining our audience, the reasons for the importance of this topic, and researching various dress codes.

First Steps

First we determined that our organization is a hospital. With this information, we could better understand who our audience would be, hospital employees. These employees will include those who are patient-care providers, administrators, and various support staff members. Each group will have different attire that will need to be addressed in our presentation.

We then developed our thesis: Appropriate attire in a hospital environment can determine the overall attitude a visitor may develop towards the hospital and the overall safety of the patients.

We then determined three major topics that our speech would entail:

Why do we have a dress code?
What is the dress code policy at our institution?
Are there exceptions to the dress code? Will there be casual days?

Research Methods

We started our research by looking at various dress code presentations on the Internet. We also researched dress codes of hospitals on the Internet. In addition, we called/emailed several HR offices of hospitals in the Little Rock area and received copies of their dress codes.

Next Steps and Deadlines

Develop our