Essay on Short Story and Sexual Toy

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The short story “Lust” is based on a women who struggle with love throughout her childhood. This woman has been denied any love and softness: she lived to be. The values of a person are determined by the values that others give to that person. Those people who are loved in their childhood learn to love others, but those whose love is denied, soon will value themselves as worthless. This girl from the story felt like she only existed to be used by man. She grew up being a sexual toy of most man in the school. She never fought back because there was no hope for her.
At a young age she was placed into a boarding school where she became some sort of prostitute. She slept with couple of man to have some fun. She was a smart girl, but every time she was around a man she felt like she had to sleep with him is like she could not resist the temptation of being around man. Her parents never gave a damn about her; otherwise they would have helped her or done something to get her out of that nasty world she was into. “My father was too shy to talk to them” and when my mother liked one she said “I like that one” or “He is a funny fellow, isn’t he?” when she did not like it. As I was reading the story I kept asking myself were are her parents? When I realized that she was in a boarding school and how that was things became more clear.
“When we were little, the brothers next door tied up our ankles and would not let us out till we showed them our panties.” This could have been a very sad experience for her being force to show her parts. Then going into a boarding school most have trigger what was missing on her life for the things she did. Nothing can explain what she did because she could have chosen a different path for her life instead. She probably did not had all the parents support she needed in her life that is why she may the choice of going to boarding school.
Trapped by that life she never thought of fighting back, putting an end to her addiction for man and giving respect and value to herself. When young people are placed in those types of school most of them tend to get depressed because they are far from home and try to find a way out. My best guess is that the