Short Story Narrative

Words: 534
Pages: 3

On the other side of the neighbors, Grace had been awakened by the shots. She shook Jim awake and told him what she’d heard. He’d told her it was probably a car backfiring and turned over to go back to sleep when the police sirens came and ruined any chance of that. After the bodies were loaded and the yellow crime scene tape was strung up, they figured it was safe to go outside and see what had happened. Looking down the way, they witnessed Millie and George being questioned first by the police, and then by the reporters. Grace had told a few of them that they were the other next door neighbors, but when the cameras and audio recorders had turned in their direction only to find they’d been sleeping and knew nothing, they quickly turned back to Mr. And Mrs. Byers. Feeling slightly embarrassed, Grace latched on to Jim’s hand and they returned to watch the police from inside their own home. …show more content…
Police reports stated that all members of the family had been shot in the face and killed instantly. Only the baby showed any signs of additional injury and abuse. The police couldn’t even figure out who had done the shooting. The rifle had ended up lying between the two adult bodies on the floor, and both had wounds that showed they had been shot at the same angle and distance. To make finalizing the crime even harder, fingerprints from both of the adults were found on the trigger and stock of the rifle. The police closed the case calling it a joint