Should Abortion Be Banned Today Essay

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How Will I Apply What I Have Learned I will apply what I have learned by doing everything that we talked about in the program. First I will start off with learning how to make good decision making. You have to at least have good decision making in order to stay out of trouble. Therefore, if not, I have learned that there are consequences to each thing I do. Next I have to keep my intelligence in the right mind. My intelligence is just as important as my decision making.
I have also learned that I can’t let these people that we call “friends” pressure me to do anything that’s stupid or that will make me look stupid. Some people worry about what their friends would think, but I don’t I’m my own person, and I do things differently. I don’t need any friends on my shoulders telling me to do this and that; I have to make my own decision. Next there is risk taking. Risk taking is a big deal for me. Why? because, I worry about failing a test, getting hurt, getting arrested, being expelled from school, and or hurting someone else. I know a risk will hurt me, therefore why would I do it? I’m smart enough to know what’s good and what’s wrong. I also know how to use my thinking skills and let myself know that if I do anything risk taking there will be a big consequence for me and my doings. I have learned that there is a reason and problem to doing every little thing, but if I don’t understand or get confuse about something, I’d asked a parent, relative, teacher, or police