Essay on Should Animals Be Used for Scientific Research?

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Should Animals be used for Scientific Research?
Kari Lundquist
Composition II
Susan Cochran
February 11th, 2012

Animal research is needed for many uses for our scientists. Should animals be used for scientific research? We do need to make sure that their rights are accepted, that they are not in pain for the experiment, and that they are cared for prior and after the research. There are many advantages to why animals should be used for scientific research. The evidence and their rights show that when animals are used for research they are cared for scientifically. While in the same time animals have their own way of showing when they are in pain during a research project. Animal research provides educational
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However, your basic animals that are used for research such as rats, mice and birds are not covered by the Animal Welfare Act. The Public Health Service Policy is what covers rats, mice and birds when federal funding is used in facilities. Research that has association with developments has been mainly in occurrence since the 1960’s (Garner, 2002). In the territory of ideas there are two key distinctions that are a part of the cause and effect of the rise of energy of the animal rights. First, it is about the ones who defend animal welfare and the view that higher moral statuses should be given to animals. Second, the moral theory that is more or less similar for animals to humans. On a positive note, humans have grown over the centuries on their knowledge with animals and their moral obligations. Humans have learned that animals do sense pleasure and pain and that we have accepted that what we do to them does matter. Argued results have shown that we are entitled to making full use of animals for research as long as we treat the animals as humanely as possible. Benefits of the research conducted on animals need to be non-trivial with the exception that humans do have different opinions on the subject. For example, medical research does at times inflict pain that humans know animals will suffer from, but the benefits need to be realistic for humans and/or other animals that remain in compliance