Should Business Hire Undocumented Workers? Essay

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1) What are the legal and ethical issues in this case?
The legal issues in this case are: there is anywhere from twelve to twenty million illegal immigrants residing in the United States illegally. As far as the ethical issues in this case, well there are so many issues I wouldn’t even know where to begin. The fact that any business would intentionally make their working environment and so poor knowing that only illegal immigrants would tolerate working there without reporting it to any agency or the legal system is beyond unethical! Now that the legal system only requires employers to use the “E-Verify” system rather than making any illegal immigrant/person provide hard copies of their citizenship. Proof of legal status can now be passed
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This matter needs to be considered top priority before our economy is to the point of unsalvageable.
3) Are companies that hire illegal immigrants being socially responsible? Evaluate this practice using the pyramid of CSR introduced in Chapter 2.
Most companies are not acting socially responsible because most businesses prefer to allow undocumented workers and illegal immigrants to be allowed to work in the United States. Businesses prefer to have illegal immigrants in the country because they can pay reduced wages and also reduce labor conditions ultimately costing the company less money to operate. They are legally abiding by the law set in place by using the “E-Verify” system that is not set-up to fully stop employment of undocumented workers without any repercussions to the actual business. Legal Responsibilities are being placed so heavily on the hiring of undocumented workers that it has fueled a false documentation industry instead of terminating illegal employment as its sole intent. The economic responsibilities are not being met because of the hiring of illegal immigrants are putting people working out of a job that they would still have been doing if the pay was not reduced and the working conditions stayed the same, and did not decrease. The economy is also failing from the rise of unemployment due to the layoffs and the fact that our economic resources such as food assistance, medical help, and other community outreach resources are being