Illegal Immigration Research Paper

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Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration can be a debatable subject in the United States of America and also some European countries. Some people believe that illegal immigrants would effect on the health of economy and safety but the others think illegal workers can be beneficial for country’s economy. Liberty and justice can be noble subjects and all people can have the right and freedom of choosing their residences and their movement within the boarders of each country.
As we know, Unites States is a country that was built by different people including undocumented immigrants, legal or illegal immigrants. Regardless of how people came to the US, they took a risk and left their home countries in search of better life themselves and their children.
There is no doubt that the current economical and unemployment situations can cause some enforcements of law against illegal status and immigrants. Most illegal workers have enforced to make a request for their citizenships by showing the applicable documentations but in most cases they have resulted on deportation.
According to the articles the number of illegal immigrants is growing all around the US and some people have said that deporting these people would be beneficial for the country’s health and security. The question arises to the mind, should the government deport these illegal immigrants back to their home countries? It is surely can be an opinion and belief of many, but punishing and deporting all undocumented immigrants would not cannot be the best way for solving this matter. I believe the cost of arresting, deporting and transporting of these people would be too high in cost and also need a great financial and budget plan. In another perspective, these movements can effect on the economy of the county and its health. Because many of these workers would be very important backbones or support for the county and they would be the main factors in various fields such as industry, agricultural and manufacturing. According to the immigration law, the children of illegal families would automatically gain their American citizenship regardless of their parents’ status. And, deporting these undocumented fathers or mothers can lead their children into the subjects like poverty, and orphanage.
Although, there is a substantial security in the borders, each single year a vast majority of people would flow through the borders illegally. The number of these people has estimated about 10 million immigrants around the US and most of them have tried to enter to America from the Latino countries. Throughout the past, people have found many different ways in order to cross the boarders. In most cases, immigrants have crossed the Atlantic Ocean for entering to this county, commonly with a ship, tube or even airplane. And other people may come to the US, by cramming into trucks, cars or shipping containers. Most of these people have tried to find the best way to reach their goals and final destinations, however it could be a big risk in their lives. Arresting, deporting and detaining these people would be a time consuming and expensive way. It also would be required to spend billions of dollars. As a result, deportation cannot be an appropriate way for solving this issue and lastly the country would face with huge losses. According to the researches, deporting undocumented immigrants have cost for the government around $285 billion dollars during five years that was too high.
As I mentioned before, the deportation would have a negative result on the agricultural industry and its health. Because many of workers who have been working in these fields of industry, are from Mexico and most of them do not have a legal status. We can easily notice that, these immigrants would play a significant role in this specific part of business.
Illegal people have a tendency to work in most low-income jobs. These types of jobs are usually tough and would not be attractive to many legal workers or