Should College Athletes Should Not Be Paid?

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Anthony Lariccia
Ms. Crowll
English 1551
April 8, 2014 The stir in the NCAA versus the athletes is an ongoing topic and is being brought to the surface of attention on the brightest of stages on everyday news stations. Across the United States there are supporters of paying the college athletes and then there are the old school conventional fans. Some of the supporters can look into the revenue teams are bringing in through jersey sales, television broadcasts and also the match ups verse certain schools. The other side, the ones that oppose this argument look at it as college athletes are getting free education, help throughout schooling and free merchandise provided by schools and through tournaments and other special events. The argument between college athletes and getting paid brings the NCAA into factor. The fact of the matter is that college athletes should not be paid. In college athletics, students are walking onto campus freshman year spending zero dollars out of pocket and getting a free education. Students throughout the entire world are paying huge chunks of money to go to college and pursue an education for their futures. College athletes are getting paid to play sports for the specific university while reaping the benefits of free schooling and housing. These athletes are getting a free education that some individuals never even get the opportunity to have. There is no question that the athletes have it made and the colleges do anything possible for the athlete. Collectively the NCAA has done anything and everything possible for the student athlete and there is no reason that an athlete should be paid. The next key point is what will happen with the NCAA? There are many unanswered questions that are being thrown at the committee. A big question is what level of competition will get paid? Division I only or all divisions? There are many questions on where to stop with paying athletes as well as how much do you pay each athlete or if certain athletes should be paid more than others. Personally it is too hard to pay athletes solely based on star power and how big the schools are certain athletes are playing for. For example a Heisman trophy winner in Johnny Manziel is well worth a lot more money and fame than a player from Youngstown State, even though all players are humans and equal importance to society. It is to hard to pick a medium on the set amount of money to pay athletes and how certain schools will have an easier time paying for athletes compared to other universities. That brings up the topic, how will small low-end financially unstable schools pay for hundreds of student athletes attending their school. It is impossible for some of the low market teams to survive and make it against the goliath schools. The small fish in a big pond scenario will kill the universities structure and ultimately lower the standards for academics, which we all know is the main reason for college. Some of the big time schools like Texas and Southern California have there own television contract and get paid millions