Should College Athletes Be Paid Essay

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Sports have been viewed as hobbies or after school activities,now people view them as full blown careers and dream jobs. Colleges have began helping this new view come true,by giving full or partial scholarships to sport athletes. As big of a compensation as it is,it is not the only thing they receive. They are now considering or starting to pay college athletes for their participation and playing in the collegeś represented sport. For a fresh out of high school athlete this is a dream come true. On the other hand,for a non athetic student who depends on their grades to get into college,this is unfair.College athletes should not be paid,due to already having such a mass compensation of a scholarship and college loan debt free life. …show more content…
Each and every sport has a different level of popularity and intensity. It would not be fair for a football player to receive the same amount of pay as a quidditch player. This being said, if athletes get paid,how would they pay them and how much to each sport or athlete? If colleges began paying college athletes there would be controversy upon who receives more or less pay,which would depend on the popularity of the sport,the amount practiced,and the effort in it. Each sport would have a argument on why it should receive higher pay and which sport should receive less. Also it would depend on which gendered sport would get paid more due to its popularity. Men’s’ sports are seen more popular and important than women’s’ sports. There would be controversy within the sports team on which athletes should be compensated more on how they play. Although colleges could regulate a minimum,maximum or median in which all athletes must be paid,that still would not last long due to different position,and popularity of each athlete. To avoid all of these controversies it would be fair to not pay the athletes and just give them equal