Essay about Should Women Have The Right To Have An Abortion?

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Should Women Have The Right To Have An Abortion? What is abortion? Abortion is a deliberate termination of a human pregnancy. There are many different types of abortions, for example oral or surgical. The oral method is the the Plan B pill, also known as the morning after pill. The morning after pill is the emergency contraceptive pill (not birth control). “It can be used to prevent pregnancies up to five days (120hours)” ( The other method is surgical. The different surgical methods are suction aspiration, dilation curettage (D&C), dilation evacuation (D&E), south poisoning (saline injection), prostaglandin chemical abortion, hysterectomy (C-Section), and partial birth abortion. Women should have the right to terminate pregnancy; the method of surgical abortion depends on the length of the time female has been pregnant. Between contraception from zero-eight weeks, the suction aspiration or dilation (D&C). Those two methods involve vacuuming the baby out of the womb or using the hook shaped knife to cut out the baby into pieces. Between eight weeks to six months the dilation and evacuating salt and south poisoning are performed. These methods involve cutting up the fetus or injecting a long needle with strong south solution into the female’s stomach. Between six months and twenty nine weeks the prostaglandin chemical abortions, hysterectomy is performed. These methods involve poisoning the baby with chemicals. Then, the fetus is surgically removed from the woman’s body. After thirty weeks, partial-birth abortion is performed; even though these methods are immoral some may view it as moral. Some people say abortions should be illegal, while others say it should be legal. Abortions should be legal because a lot of women have legit reasons for getting an abortion; such as being raped by family members, fathers, brother, uncles, cousins, and even strangers. The situations with family members that are considered incest and they would want to have a child with a family member. The situation with the stranger women wouldn’t want to have a child with a man that they don’t know. When a woman is raped she is twice as likely to get pregnant than that during consensual sex. Research shows “5% of rapes in females of reproductive age resulted in pregnancy, amounting to an estimate 32,101 rape related pregnancies per year in the U.S.”. Rape related pregnancies are possible because many rapes are happening today and a lot are going unreported. One reason why rapes are unreported is because the victim is scared to tell, the victim has been threatened, or they aren’t aware that they have been raped. Christian views on the subject of abortion are much divided. Some Christian laws state that women should have the right to choose and, others state that abortion is against the rules and laws of the Bible. Christians who heavily revere the Bible and its teachings laws believe that abortion is the killing of a human life. [Some pregnant women or girls have their unborn babies killed because they don’t want the responsibility of looking after their child. They think that if the child lives they will have to give their career. Some may think it will be too expensive, too time-consuming, too embarrassing, or too much trouble. So instead of allowing the baby to live and having it adopted out through a welfare agency, they have an abortion, which kills their child.] At the same time, there are literal Christians and Christians and congregations who believe that women have the right to choose to carry a child or to have an abortion. Yes, it is true that pregnancy can be prevented in most cases. Today, there are several forms of birth control that can prevent a woman from becoming pregnant with an unwanted pregnancy. According to planned parenthood originator,some of the forms of birth control that are available today according there are many such as: abstinence,