Sibling and Best Friends Essay

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Serenity usually follows when one realizes and grasps all of their windfalls in life. The one thing I’ll always remember most about my childhood was my erratic relationship with my siblings. It was somehow possible for me to be very intimidated and scared by my elder sister Valerie, yet at the same time always having fun and playing with her. I look back at the days went to kindergarten; without me, resulting myself being a constant brute of a toddler until my best friend came home. I can very distinctly recall all of the times we would zealously fight over her touching and taking my belongings, it still bugs me to this day that she can never learn the difference between her belongings and mine. Often times whenever our parents weren’t close, our fights would escalate into a physical with myself always being the tragic loser crying on the floor because Valerie ripped out my piggy tail. But at the end of the day there we were, buddies again like nothing had happened and my sister would always bribe me with, “If you don’t tell on me, we can watch Anastasia later” When I think about my younger siblings Isaac and Emma while I was a child myself, most of what that comes to mind is how Isaac always had spit drooling down his mouth to the lowermost of his neck, while my sister Emma used to suck her thumb so much and so aggressively my parents used to put chili on it, then wrap it up with gauze to keep her from it (which always failed since my sister was the Houdini of getting out of her gauze and actually enjoyed the Tapatio). I remember when they were born and Valerie and I would make “I’m a big sister now” T-Shirts and for some reason we would get Ferrero-Rocheros. In kindergarten, my best friends were Spencer and Abel. We all lived on the same street and always played together, everyday I would meet them at the corner of the street and we would adventure from there. Every time I would fall from the monkey bars or had an asthma-inflammation, they would take me to the nurse’s office and they would similarily reply with “Mo-why-uh, Mo-why-uh, are you okay? Your hands have little spagetti-balls (referring to my badly blistered palms)”. I had girlfriend as well, but I just preferred my two boy best friends. We were always together during school, and during the summers we went to daycare together. We remained inseparable up until about second grade, when they started getting teases for playing with a girl, poor boys often gotten insults like “Ew is she you girlfriend! Gross, why do you even play with girls?”. They still have not warmed back up to be since then, but they do remain engraved as one of the strong memories of my early schooldays, and I still consider them my friends. Then again, in the second grade I had also met one of my best friends to this day. She was a new student and I can very distinctly recall thinking “Hmm, she looks fun; I’m going to play her”. I found that I could have just as much fun with girls as much as I did boys (I guess I thought girls were sissies due to the way boys described them), and I formed a cherishable friendship with her that continues today. However, by the end of the year, I found myself unattending school more and more often. I was always the wheezy kid with the inhaler, and my asthma was not in any way improving. I finished my school year about two months early due to constant asthma attacks and pneumonia which lasted until about autumn, same thing with the third grade (except I left school 5 months early and came back for the last 3 weeks). Throughout all this free time I now had, I would love to either go to work with my dad (if I was well enough). My father owns a construction company, so he would mostly drive all around northern California going to the job sites where