Sibling and Online School Home Essay

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Patience is a morality that I lacked, when life brought so much to me anonymously in battles that I couldn't defeat myself, but overcome by the grace of God.
My mom has always depended on my ten siblings, and I to get an education, which was her main concern, because that's something she has always regretted not achieving. High school for me was a challenge, I was impulsive trying to fit in with people who had a negative impact in my life. The people I was around . My grades were decreasing, which effected my performance in advanced class's. My parents had enough of my behavior and thought that transferred me to an online school home was a better idea for me. Things were diffrent, I had to learn had to manage my time; working at my own pase, taking care of my sick brother, and cooking my mom food to eat before work every morning.I felt like I had too much on my shoulders for a tennager my age

I was dishonest with the people who carried for me the most. All the trust that my family had for me was departed. My whole world had vanished all at once. I doubted God's miracles because no change was happening, it was a continuum. Has time passed I realized I needed to put my all to God, and just rest on his finished work. I have became aware of Gods abundant love for me with his perfect timing. Complementing God’s miracle, I have become a new person, I am supposed to graduate class of 2015 ,but for Gods timing I have completed 12 credits in nine months and I am graduating