Entertainment Segment Script Example

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Segment Script

Title- Entertainment Tonight

Sign on: Both: Welcome to Entertainment Tonight.
Bri: Hi, I’m Katy Perry
Raquel: And I’m Lady Gaga, aka better than Katy Perry.
Bri: Oh, I’m so sure. *eye roll*
Raquel:*very dramatically* And here we go for another long lecture on how much better she is than me. *dozes off*

Scene One

Picture: Entertainment Tonight from Internet

Video: Katy Perry preforming Roar at the VMA’s under Brooklyn Bridge


Narration: Bri: In case you missed it, here was my awesome performance of Roar, my song that is number one on the iTunes charts right now *ahem* Lady Gaga wakes up from snoring and looks around, then stars snoring again* at the VMA’s under the Brooklyn Bridge. I mean, honestly, how could you have missed that?!?!?!

Music: Roar by Katy Perry Roar (video)

Transition: Video fades out

Scene Two

Picture: Katy Perry vs. Lady Gaga from Internet

Video: Lady Gaga preforming Applause at the VMAs


Narration: Raquel: That performance will never be as good as mine. Honestly, I look beautiful in a sparkly blue blazer. At least my outfit is appropriate!!!
Bri: Oh, so appropriate. Right! At least I have muscle! *shows muscle* Well, I’m still beating you on the iTunes charts. You’re number two and I’m number one! Beat that!*stick tounge out at Raquel*
Raquel: Well at least I have a sense of fashion!!!
Bri: *hits head on desk and stays with head on desk*
Raquel: *smiles like an angel*
Video Plays

Music: Lady Gaga…