Significance Of John Proctor's Reputation In The Crucible

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Reputation: Killer of John Proctor The most important line in The Crucible by Arthur Miller is John Proctor pleading for his namesake, “Because it is my name! Because I cannot have another in my life!” (IV.724-725). Reputation is the largest theme in The Crucible and throughout the story it plays a large role in the events that happen during the trials. John Proctor cared too much about his reputation during the witch trials, and his namesake caused his own death. If Proctor would have confessed to his sins of adultery, and put his reputation aside, then he would be alive. Abigail wants to kill Mrs. Proctor, and her lying and manipulation in the court is fueled by this want. If the court knew about the affair between Proctor and Abigail, then she would not have been credible. Judge Danforth warns Abigail after Proctor confesses, “If she tell me, child, it were for harlotry, may God spread His mercy on you!” (III.900-903). Because of other circumstances however, Proctor’s one truth is not his saving grace. …show more content…
I have known her,” (III.842). But due to his wife, Elizabeth Proctor, even confessing does not save him. Mrs. Proctor knows that reputation is the most important thing to him, and so she lies for him even though he has betrayed her. Later when Proctor is refusing to sign the paper, Mrs. Proctor will not try to change his mind, because she knows that it would ruin his name. Even Proctor’s wife knows not to take his name because it is that important to