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Please write about why this cluster is your first choice.

Since the first time I was introduced to biology, I knew I wanted to further study and explore the world of natural science. As I learned more about the subject, I became specifically captivated by the functions and complexity of human anatomy. Also, how the mechanisms of human disease and physiology can obstruct life never seized to attract me. Not only do I love to learn about biomedical science, but I also feel its application to life is important.
I’ve always wanted to help people. Researching and studying biomedical science give me the best opportunity to help others who are ill. Finding out more about medicines that diagnose, treat, and prevent disease through biomedical science allow me to figure out exactly how to assist people and even animals. I want to master this knowledge to fight disease. Studying patients gives insight into the science and the aspects of life itself. This cluster provides understanding of how a lab actually works, gives me skills to analyze information, and helps me see the significance of an experiment. Biomedical science is interesting and gives answers to surviving a world teeming with microbes.

Please write about why this cluster is your second choice.

Chemistry is the essence of technological and scientific development and change. It has allowed humans to make advances in cooking, cleaning, environmental issues, and medicine. Its importance and connection to everything in the universe is awe-inspiring. Not only is chemistry important because the world is composed of elements and chemical compounds, but also through chemistry, I can begin to understand the relationship between these elements and compounds, and discover new ways to manipulate them to our benefit. Through this cluster I can gain a better understanding of organic molecules. They are nature’s building blocks and the basis of medicine, energy, and science. I was first introduced to them last year and I remember how everyone groaned at the complex and boring molecules. However, something about organic molecules intrigued me. I realized these molecules could be used to form all living organisms and could be used to solve problems such as finding different sources of energy or treating disease. Chemistry links the natural world together; as a result, I want to further study and appreciate the science that is so useful in my daily life.

What excites you most about math/science and why would you want to spend a month at COSMOS?

When people ask me when I knew I wanted to pursue math and science, I tell them I knew the day I was born. Obviously, that’s only an expression, but I feel like my love