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The beliefs of a person shape their identity and this can be seen in their work. Martin Luther King Jr and Kamala Markandaya wrote significant pieces about things that they believed to be important. These two influential people had core beliefs that they based their life’s work on. They are inspiring authors who fight for their beliefs.
The first author that shows her beliefs in her writing is Kamala Markandaya. She criticized the social hierarchy of India and her home country. Markandaya believes that in India, the working person has no power. These beliefs can be seen in her book Nectar in a Sieve which is set in India. In this story, the main character Rukmani is a hard working mother who needs to feed her family by farming rented land, but the family’s landlord takes their land away. Rukmani and her husband have nowhere to live, eat, or make a living after the landlord does this. Rukmani and her family have no say in whether they kept their land because they have to obey the landowner. This shows that the working person in India has no power against the wealthier people in her country. This is Markandaya expressing her beliefs.
Martin Luther King, Jr. was raised in the south by people of the church. His grandfather and father were both Baptist ministers and Martin Luther King, Jr. became a minister too. His Christian values led him to believe that racial segregation was a social evil and needed to be stopped. His Christian values also made him want to work hard