Similarities Between Roman And Greek Mythology

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Lacey Moore
4th hour
Religion comparisons
March 28, 2016 Mythology is multiple myths that belong to a certain religion or culture. People tell myths to try and explain the unknown. They tell elaborate stories of how the earth came to be. They tell these to explain how or why humans came into existence. Many people tell myths about gods and goddesses. In these elaborate stories they tell how the gods or goddesses created human life and how we should worship these higher beings. One example would be the great goddess Aphrodite. Aphrodite is supposed to be the goddess of love. An example of mythology would be ancient Roman and Greek mythology. The Romans and Greeks worshipped their gods and goddesses based off of the mythology. These two fascinating religions are extremely similar, but have many differences. Roman and Greek mythology are a lot alike but differ in Roman mythology, Greek mythology, gods and goddesses, and how they spend their daily lives. In Roman mythology most believed in animism. Animism is basically the belief that humans are not the only beings with a
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Most of the time it is the same god but with a different name. An example would be Cupid and Eros. They are both gods of love but Cupid belongs to the Romans, and Eros belongs to the Greeks. This is because the Romans mostly got their beliefs from the Greeks. They also have different personalities. Romans and Greeks can be compared in many ways. They have different gods and goddesses and sometimes worship differently. One difference is that the Romans focused much more on the afterlife than the Greeks did. The Greeks also seemed to do more rituals and sacrifices. Both the Romans and Greeks dedicated their lives to these gods and prayed every day. Roman and Greek mythology have many similarities and differences. They can often be confused because they are so much alike. But there are a number of small things that makes them