Single-Sex Segregation in Schools Essay

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The importance of knowing rather boys and girls brain functions the same, have similar interest, response rapidly to stress, or even learn at the same pace as each other in a class sitting comes into play with the argument of single-sex segregation in the schools. Affected by these rational arguments are the students in the school because there is no data supporting these claims and they are training the teachers in mythic to obliterate “gender learning styles”. This issue is very debatable because some believe it’s the children fault because they are not striving for their best, they are more afraid of what people might say or think, and others believe it can be teachers fault for showing favoritism and not breaking things down enough for the students to catch on to learn more in depth . Single-sex learning fails to construct academic takings and inflates sex stereotyping. According to Fabes in his article “What Our Research Shows” he is speaking about single-segregation saying that scholarly accomplishment is not higher in single-sex schools after calculating for qualities of children at entry and special programs. Even separating those into groups, meaning girls in one and boys in another, an extremist vibe begin to occur and an increase of stereotyping. He states, “Rather than promoting gender segregation, public schools should be striving to teach a diverse body of students to work together and to respect each other.” He also argues that single-sex schooling has nothing to do with the success of the school. I agree with the point about public schools should be teaching these children to be more diverse and to work together, even though people may think that this training happens in