Essay about Sioux-Housing

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The Sioux Indians lived at what are now Wisconsin, Minnesota, and South Dakota. This Indian tribe travelled freely, and there was also significant Sioux presence in the modern states of Iowa, Nebraska, Montana, and northern Illinois, and in south-central Canada. Today, most Sioux people live in the Dakotas, Minnesota, and Nebraska (Sioux Indian Family History). Sioux Indians lived in teepees made out of buffalo hides and wooden poles. The teepees had flaps on the top that could be opened and closed to account for fire inside the tipi and for bad weather. They also contained hooks on the Insides to hang weapons, tools and supplies. The frame of the tepee was made of long wooden poles pointed together and fastened at the top. The bottoms were spread out to form a circle. This was covered with a tent of animal skins which fastened to the ground. These Indians would often paint decorations on the outside of the teepee Teepees were quick and easy to take down and put up. An entire Sioux village could be packed up and ready to move within an hour. The Sioux were a constant moving tribe meaning wherever the buffalo were at they had to be cause they relied on buffalo hide for their Teepees .The Sioux would pack up and move roughly every 2-3 months. Formerly they had no domestic animals except dogs, which were utilized in transporting the teepees and all other family belongings, including children. Teepees