Sir Robert Peel Essay

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“Police are people and the people are the police”
CJA 214
January 9, 2012
Jeremy Leach

In Bury, Lancashire, on February 5, 1788, the “Father” of modern day policing was born. Through his work and studies of public service, Sir Robert Peel developed principles and policies that have impacted what is considered modern day policing. He created what is commonly known as the Peelian Principles. While Sir Robert Peel’s principles still stand out in law enforcement policies today, nine points of policing stand true today.
Sir Robert Peel attended Harrow School and Christ Church in Oxford, where he studied classics and mathematics. He was raised to be a politician. At the age of twenty one, his father bought him a parliamentary seat of
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8. Police should always direct their action towards their functions, and never appear to misuse the powers of the judiciary. 9. The test of police efficiency is the absence of crime and disorder, not the visible evidence of police action in dealing with it. (New Westminster Police Service, 2009, Principles of Policing)
Peel’s principles are used every day to protect and serve the citizens of this country. On a daily basis, law enforcement officers use the sixth principle mentioned above. In today’s policing, this principle is called a “Use of force continuum.” This allows the officer to maintain control of a situation without being excessive. In addition to the sixth principle, the principle of police maintaining a relationship with the public is evident in all municipalities. Today, police officers are expected to not only be a part of their communities, but also to set an example, and to favor the law over public opinion.
Sir Robert Peel and his policing efforts have lasted throughout trials. His development of a force that would provide safety and service to citizens around the world has highly impacted society today. His belief throughout time of “the police are people and the people are the police” is commonly practiced today as well.

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