What Factors Helped The Europe To The Exploration, Conquest, And Colonization Of The New World

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1. What fundamental factors drew the Europeans to the exploration, conquest, and colonization of the New World? There were many fundamental factors that drew the Europeans to the exploration, conquest, and colonization of the World such as natural resources, overpopulation and religion. The European explorations have been hearing a lot about all the natural resources that the New World can offer to them. They wanted to travel and find the Far East for the gold, silk, spices, and possible crops that they may be able to bring back to Europe. They believed that the New World would be able to offer all of the natural resources that they may need in order to survive in Europe. They were also very fond of gold and all the other
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What were the causes of the Bacon Rebellion and what impact did the rebellion have on Virginia politics and slavery? There were many causes of the Bacon Rebellion. Nathaniel Bacon created an angry group of people (slaves, farmers, servants) to protest and burn down Indian settlements and Jamestown because they believed that the government was not giving them enough protection. This was caused by a disagreement between the Natives and the newly settled lands to the west. William Berkeley, Virginia’s governor, created a deal with the native. This deal was that there would not be any more settlers settling west of the mountains. However, due to the rapid growing of population, the agreement was difficult to maintain. There were people who were still settling west of the newly settled land where they have agreed not to settle in. This made the Natives very furious and started to harass the settlers. Nathan Bacon wanted support from Berkeley for a militia but Berkeley turned him down. This angered Nathan Bacon and ultimately, gathered people to defend him and others against the natives. After he did that, he invaded Jamestown and exiled Berkeley. Also, it was evidence of a struggle that was continuous between the Indians and the colonies in Virginia. The competition among the easterners and westerners revealed the bitterness they had for each other. It demonstrated the fact that the colony may not be capable of proving stability to the