Sleep Deprivation Essay

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Aya Nakamura
Ms. Schutt
English 10
23 March 2015
Sleep Deprivation In the United States, 40% of the people get less than the recommended amount of sleep (…, 3/18/15, 9:27pm). Many people may believe that a loss of a few hours of sleep won’t affect our health. But in actuality, sleep is one of the most important factor of your day to keep your body healthy and fully functional. We should have greater awareness of the consequences of not having the recommended amount of sleep. Not having the proper amount of sleep can result in many inefficiencies such as premature aging. Premature aging is when your physical body is aging faster than the normal pace. “The study, commissioned by Estée Lauder, demonstrated that poor sleepers had increased signs of skin aging and slower recovery from a variety of environmental stressors, such as disruption of the skin barrier or ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Poor sleepers also had worse assessment of their own skin and facial appearance” (, 3/18/15, 10:56). Here, Estée Lauder explains that they had premature aging and slow recovery from injuries.
Another negative of sleep deprivation is that it can cause short attention spans and other memory problems. These inefficiencies can be a major problem for many people who are involved in activities requiring various memorization skills. For example, a student is studying late at night for an exam and he is faced with two choices; study for an extra hour, or going to sleep. At first, it may seem like the better