Sleep Deprivation College Students

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Depression can be defined as the overall sad and unhealthy mental state, which can have negatively influence a persons live. Scientists have linked sleep deprivation to depression, not only as a risk factor but one of the symptoms for people with depression. In the article Causes and consequences of sleepiness among college students by Shelley Hershner and Ronald Chervin it discusses the contributing factors to why college students do not get the proper amount of sleep such as the extraneous use of electronic devices, coffee and other energy drinks, drugs and alcohol all of which is common for college students. An adequate sleep hygiene is also important to have because it effects they way we learn, memorize, and focus which effects our mood, performance, …show more content…
Another article called Relationship between sleep disturbance and depression, anxiety, and functioning in college students by Maren Nyer explains the overall connection between sleep disturbance (SD) and depression. The lack of sleep can affect a person’s mood and result in many psychological disorders 2. Sleep deprivation in college students continues to be a significant problem and depression appears to be an important factor. Sleep deprivation and depression are interrelated in many different aspects. Both depression and loss of sleep is common amongst college students. Depression can relate to the change of being in a new school, being away from your loved ones, and the stress of school. Sleep deprivation can stem from staying up all night finishing assignments, balancing school and a job while maintaining a social life in college. Scientist found that “students with sleep difficulties had more physical and psychological health problems” 2. One of the most common health problems among