Sleep Disorders Essay

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People can have the healthiest food, the best diet principle and the best emotional care in the world but if we not sleep, we can't live an ordinary life and maintain health. For this crucial time, there shouldn’t be any disturb to get good sleep. There are various kind of sleep disorder such as insomnia, Sleep apnea or Narcolepsy, which are enemies of good night sleep. In this report, I would like to cover the importance of good, proper sleep to overcome various sleep disorders and why sleeping in the dark is crucial for human. In addition, the reason why I put this sub topic, why we should sleep in the dark room, because I’m the coward who can’t tolerate and sleep in the darkness. I desperately want to dig up the answer, how dangerous it …show more content…
By the way, what is Melatonin? Melatonin(N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine) is a natural hormone created from the pineal gland in the brain during the absence of light. It regulates the body's natural rhythms and control the natural clock. Thanks to melatonin secreted from pineal gland at night, we are able to sleep comfortably. By continuing the study on Melatonin, Researchers found the important influences on hormonal system as well as immune system. Melatonin help reinforcing the immune system, slowing down the aging system and acting as powerful anti-oxidants. The secretion of melatonin begins from the evening. It is changing position with Serotonin, emotional hormone secreted during the daytime. The secretion of melatonin is become lesser, the percentage is getting higher who are suffering from fatigue, stress-related illness and people who lie awake every night because of insomnia. In United states, Americans have struggle with sleep in general are spending over three billion dollars to buy perscriptions in a year to normalize their sleep. In Korea, Approximately 20% of people experience insomnia three days a week. While many insomniacs turn to prescriptions these medications are short-term fixes. From here, the benefit of sleeping in the dark is clearly shown to access biological approach, let body produce natural hormone, melatonin.

Plus, the other important component is in the daytime to make sure to have a lot of bright sunshine as