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Walmart Argument Paper
Not Everyone Can Win Isn’t the main reason of starting a business to expand and grow, supply services and materials to customers, and more than anything else making money? Any entrepreneur, small business owner, or anyone else who is involved in a business hopes to be able to do those things stated above. Why is though that Wal-Mart who has done an excellent job of that is one of the most hated companies around. Many people argue that Wal-Mart is destroying the economy but that is not true at all. Wal-Mart employs many people both here in the USA and also overseas in sweatshops, provides low-cost supplies to millions of people, is extremely convenient, and does many other things that benefits more people than it hurts. The matter of the fact is that if Wal-Mart were truly negatively affecting more people than it is positively affecting it wouldn’t be around. The first reason Wal-Mart is not destroying the economy is that it is creating millions of jobs both in the USA and internationally. Yes, when Wal-Mart comes into a community it causes any small business’ to most likely go out of business, but in return it employs just as many, if not more people. In the film “The High Cost of Low Prices” one of the gentleman says something along the lines of “Wal-Mart is forcing more people out of a job than it is creating” but that can be argued. Although not all the jobs Wal-Mart created are here in the USA they are still creating more jobs than a local business ever could. One thing about Wal-Mart that you don’t see many other places is the amount of elderly people they create jobs for, who need these jobs just as much as younger people do. Many people don’t like Wal-Mart because they outsource many of the jobs, although that is true, it’s not always a bad thing. In the article “In Defense of Sweatshops” Benjamin Powell does a great job of showing a different perspective of sweatshops. Many people think that sweatshops are way to take advantage of third world countries by using their people for cheap labor in poor conditions, but that is only because we compare it to the USA’s standards. The truth is that “in many countries people who work in sweatshops make more than the average worker” (Powell). Whether these employees be children or adults they most likely have no better choice than to work for Wal-Mart or another big corporation. The reason they are accepting these jobs is because there are no other jobs, and if it weren’t for Wal-Mart they would be living in even greater poverty than they are. So yes, Wal-Mart does outsource a great amount of jobs, but it also gives many people in third world countries job opportunities while being able to keep prices low here in the USA. That brings up the second reason that Wal-Mart isn’t destroying the economy, which is it gets people to spend money. Because of Wal-Mart’s low prices it gets people to spend money, which means more people are making money, who will in return spend more money. If it weren’t for Wal-Mart many poor families would be able to buy clothes, food, school supplies, or whatever else they need because they would only be able to shop as local business’ which charge much more. Local business don’t like Wal-Mart obviously because it affects them and they do not benefit one bit, but that is a very selfish way of looking at it because they aren’t taking into account how many people save money by shopping at Wal-Mart. A third reason that Wal-Mart is good for the economy is because it is so