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Legalization on marijuana

An old issue that recently shown some success is the legalization of marijuana. Marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug, 17 million people 12 and older used cannabis in the last month. The argument is whether or not to legalize the use of cannabis on a federal level. The problem with this issue is that no politician is willing to speak about legalizing marijuana because of the bad rap this topic is labeled with. Most people are either for or against the legalization of pot there's an abundant of pros and cons on this issue.

Arguments made by people for the legalization of marijuana include medicinal use, economic boost, and Drug regulation. Medicinal marijuana has been known to treat patients for nausea, insomnia, loss in appetite, neurologic pains, asthma, and glaucoma. The production and sale of cannabis can be taxed and the ban on the cash crop hemp would be lifted. The drug cartel would lose all business and all cannabis could be regulated and studied. For these people it comes down to their going to smoke anyways might as well make it legal.

The majority of Americans that are against the legalization on marijuana argue that it's a gateway drug, it does physical and mental damage to the body, and it's dangerous to the public. Some reliable research has been done saying marijuana is the first drug the major drug users did but not necessarily a "gateway" drug. The use in cannabis causes damage to the throat and lungs after long