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The Social Theory is based on how individuals are influenced by the various social institutions that make up any organized society.Social Theory is the study of crime within society. The social theory focuses on urban conditions that affect crime rates. The theory holds that high unemployment, high school drop out rates, low income levels, and large numbers of single parent households contribute to crime.Basically the theory holds that people in a low socioeconomic class have less opportunity to achieve their goals so they will commit crime to do so. Social process theories contend that crime is a function of individual socialization. The interactions that people have within their environment lead them to criminal behavior. The theory states that crime like everything else, is a learned behavior which can be learned from family members, peer groups, as well as other groups within a community influence their behavior

Social theories state that crime arises in response to political and economical conditions. An example would be if a person go out to rob someone else it was because he was forced to do so because of his exonomical condition. If a person with a family is struggling to make money he will find a way to supply his family with what they need even if it means that he has to commit a crime. A person from a lower class has less opportunity to achieve goals than person from a higher class so accordind to the social theory a person from a lower class will commit more