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Exercise The aims are to consider the brand of fruit smoothies Innocent. Identify and describe the different aspects of this brand and explore how this brand has been created. You should then be familiar with the ways brands are built and different elements of successful branding. In groups discuss how the innocent brand has been created using the model below. Create a poster to show your findings.. Theory Recap Developing strong brands is an important aspect of marketing management. Companies benefit from strong brands as they add value to the company, positively affect consumer perception of the brands and can act as barriers to competition and improve profit. Consumers can benefit from the quality certification and trust that strong branding brings. Brand building is a complex activity it involves being clear about many aspects of the brand this involves developing and understanding the core purpose of the product, it quality, packaging, guarantees, service, brand name, image and delivery. It also involves positioning decisions and includes an understanding of brand values, personality, heritage, assets, reflection and domain. A brand is created by augmenting a core product with distinct values that distinguish it from the competition. Building Successful Brands Extra Ask students to consider where this brand can go next Consider how the brand has been extended and stretched and give examples of the products which have been developed. What do you consider to be the impact of Coke buying the Innocent brand What issues do you think could arise from this relationship PAGE 2 2014 by McGraw-Hill Education. This is