Society: Adlai Stevenson and Society Essay

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Society Adlai E. Stevenson once said “A free society is one where it is safe to be unpopular.” ( which states that the only way to truly not get sucked in today’s society is to be yourself, to not follow in the shadows of those around you but to be unique. Webster’s Dictionary defines society as “the wealthy, dominant class”. The white collar, business class is considered an example of the ideal society because of their appearance as superior compared to everyone around them. Although society can be defined in in several different ways, I believe it to be the basic infrastructure needed in a community home to people sharing similar beliefs and values. One of my favorite films of all time, Into the Wild, follows in depth the travels of a young college graduate’s life as he explores the new world. As the movie progresses we see a man with everything going for him, a great education, beautiful girlfriend, and bright future throw it all away to break free from the grasp society has on his neck. We learn about his view of society as a corrupt idea poisoning everyone’s mind, finally after not being able to stand the pressure from the outside, he leaves the comforts of his home to travels and experience independence. He basks in the fresh, society free air of nature and learns the true meaning of freedom. I personally agree with everything portrayed in this film because I believe society does nothing but stuff false information down our throats. Parents make their children go to college, people dress certain ways, and care what others think all because society makes us feel we need to do those things. Without the negative aspects society brings, we would have more unique, independent individuals, rather than the generic population our world is abundant with today.
We all belong to a community, whether it is a neighborhood, city or even a country. One thing all communities have in common is that they revolve around the center concept of society. One component of society is people believing in similar values and ideas. Chinese society may believe in male dominance, whereas North American society is based off equality among all people. Different time periods also greatly affect society. During the 19th, century society was based upon hierarchy, kings and queens ruling over vast areas of land while controlling peasants. However in the 21st…