Evolution of computers Essay

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Brittney Million

Evolution of

• 19 Century, The European Industrial th Revolution was underway.
• Their development relied on the Tables.
• Tables were done by Mathematicians. Called
• Human Computer tables were full of errors.

Charles Babbage
• Charles Babbage noticed many calculation errors made for the
Royal Astronomical Society.
• He invented a machine that would calculate the tables and directly print the results.
• The machine was called the “Difference Engine”

• 1832 Difference engine had enough parts to assemble a section. • That small section functioned perfectly. • It solved Equations and provided
6 digit results.

• Charles Babbage Invented the
“Analytical Engine”.
• Vastly Superior to difference engine. Herman
• Former MIT Instructor
• 1887- He invented punch Cards to tally
American Census.

• Germans used it during WWII.
• It’s plugs were rearranged to conform the code book combos.
• This plug arrangement constantly buried how letters were coded throughout a transmission.
• The number and letter variations was astronomical. So high the German's consider their code machine unbreakable.

Colossu s • Helped British Code breakers to
Conceal Messages during WWII.
• 1St Electronic digital computer that was programmable.
• Used over 2,000 vacuum tubes to process 25,000 characters per second. John

• He Proposed that he could create a machine to figure out a single trajectory in one hundred seconds.
• Called it ENIAC.

• Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer. = ENIAC
• First electronic general purpose computer.
• Capable of being reprogrammed to solve a full range of computing Problems.
• 100ft long & 30tons,it contained almost 70,000 resistors, 10,000 capacitors, 6,000 switches & 18,000 vacuum tubes.

John Von

• His computer was to have a processing unit, a controlling unit and memory input & output.
• It could hold its program internally in its memory.

• Built by Eckert & Mauchly then later on joined forces with
Remington Rand a flourishing type writer computer.
• Designed for Businesses.
• Compact tape drives held data, The results were automatically printed.
• In 1952 Remington Rand arranged with CBS to use UNIVAC on election night to predict the outcome of the presidential race between Dwight Eisenhower and Adlai


• International
Business Machine.
• 1953 IBM unveiled

• 1st computer was Human Mathematicians.
• 1st Machine that could tally was created by Hollerith.
• ENIGMA & Colossus are the computers that could solve computing problems.
• ENIAC first electronic machine that could solve computing problems.
• John Von Neumann was creator of a computer that had processing and controlling unit, memory input & output.
• UNIVAC designed for business purpose only, then later on was used for elections.

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