Society: Education and New Schools Essay

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Irene Du
Our government is spending millions of dollars in the area of space exploration. This expenditure represents a misdirection of funds. It would be far better to use these funds to improve our society and to upgrade our living conditions. One need is for recycling plants to get rid of the garbage we produce. Another need is for new schools for children.
Building a recycling plant that can clean up all garbage lying around can improve many more things than spending billions of dollars for space exploration. Citizens can live in a cleaner society where people won’t get sick over some random disease from the garbage that hasn’t been cleaned. People can live a healthier life without worrying about which virus they have caught overnight. There won’t be gum stuck to your bag or under your shoe. Things would also be a lot easier since it’s clean.
Building new schools for a better education can help a lot. Students can learn much faster if the governments hire better teachers for public schools. This can improve our society because the students who learn may invent things that we never imagine. Education is a very important to us and building schools are a great way to increase our learning for education. Having a broken down school is not a very nice way to learn. Repairing the heater or building air condition can prevent the freezing weather or hot days where old schools have.
Spending millions dollars on cleaning the society and building more schools can help much