Current Trends In Us Education Essay

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Current Trends in U .S. Education
EDU 210

Current Trends in U .S. Education
▪ Educational choices
▪ How government role changes education
▪ Reform of public high school
▪ Technological reliance within the classroom

U .S. Education: Today and Tom orrow

With the technology of today, distance learning has not ever been so easy. From the comfort of the classroom, it is now possible to connect globally to other lectures and lessons of around the world, expanding the realms of teaching. Causes of change in education
As once being students ourselves and now becoming teachers, we have seen many causes in society that have changed education and we will continue to see change based on the needs of society in the future, such as: ▪ Policies/ Politics
▪ Economy
▪ Demographics and social status
▪ Media trends
▪ Cultures
▪ Issues around the world

Increasing Choices of Education
Public School
• Basic educational needs and requirements for high education Homeschooling

• Gives the parent complete control of the curriculum to tailor to the needs of the child for future success

Virtual Schools

• Allows for focus in certain areas to maintain higher standards for specific needs

Parents have more options of educational paths to take for their children than the old fashioned public school basics. There are more options given in today’s world to accommodate those that are focusing on certain studies or career goals.

EducationalO ptions

Reform in Today’s Public Schools
High school graduates of today are required to obtain more real world knowledge than before the technology boom. With the creation of more computer centered careers, the need to reform basic requirements for the real world has increased.

Reforming the public school curriculum and graduation requirements has become a fine tuning event to accommodate the needs of the increasing rate of non college seekers due to poverty level.

H igh SchoolReform

Reform offers
• More career learning opportunities for non-college seekers • Gives real world lessons and life preparedness
• Opportunity to explore different career paths and plan for higher education or certification requirements


With technology consuming most of the lives of student’s, education has adapted to the advancements to create a more comfortable learning environment. Along with having the knack for technology, it allows students to do more with access to more. Technology
▪ Technology has brought new avenues of learning to the classroom.
Bringing speakers into the class from afar. Even step by step participation has advanced with the new age learning through technology. ▪ Technology has made a more hands on approach to enhance education.

The Im pact on Future Education
▪ The trends that are currently taking over education will greatly impact the way