Pros And Cons Of Pit Bulls

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By Thamara Pardieu,The Academy, January 15 , 2015

Are you scared of animals? Are you scared of pit bulls? Wicca, a euthanized pit bull accused of biting two people last month with no proof, was put down on Thursday despite her owner’s appeal to the city of Montreal to keep her alive. The Montreal SPCA is now speaking out about the case. They criticized the way Wicca’s case was handle. It says the animal-control law does not require an official to investigate animal related incidents deeply enough. Also, it does not consider any other alternatives than taking out animalslives. Pit bulls are known for their strong appearance and their aggressive behavior. They don’t have the cutest look, but they should not be treated like an object. Sure, there are a lot of stories and rumors involving pit bull attacks. However, pit bulls are not the problems, the owners are.
First of all, a lot of humans are scared by pit bull because of the story they hear about them. Yet, the assumptions that are made by these people categorize pit bulls like savage beast, when in reality they are obeying pets. The owner is ultimately responsible for caring and training of their pet. Some people already have an unfounded hate of pit bulls, primarily because of media coverage and circulating myths. The media often exaggerate their stories and in Wicca’s case, they are trying to ruin pit bull’s background.
Second of all, People should be allowed to keep pit bulls because they are not only a misunderstood breed, but it is the people’s constitutional right to own pets. They deserve the…