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Racism Today : The belief that one person is less human than you and to have hatred for them is one belief that some people cannot get rid of. Even in this day and age racism still exists. No matter what accomplishments or success some people have to the racist eye it is never enough . Whether its Chad Holley, Trayvon Martin or any other young black teenager. In March 2010, 15 year old Chad Holley was severely beaten by a group of officers. They claimed that he was resisting arrest, shortly after running from a robbery. The ABC video clearly shows that he was not resisting. Eveng after Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland Jr. testified that the officers repeatedly kicked the young teen, the all white jurors found them not guilty. African Americans are not the only one who deal with racism . i saw this during our class activity, when the professor wanted people to talk about the things they hear about their nationality. After the question was asked there was a moment of silence and this is where the uncomfortable ness occurred. During this time i felt that we all dealt with racism or was criticized for something that was either a myth or people jumped to conclusions. In my opinion during this exercise people body language expressed how they felt . While watching around the room i witnessed a lot of fidgeting or either they were still due to being nervous and not knowing how to answer this particular question.
The exercise also can be related to the the article by John Gulant when he talks about how Cultural violence can work by changing the moral color of an act. (john gulant .p. 3)you see this when the professor asked the last question and i felt everybody was more open about that question and was able to accept that their were entitled to their own opinion and could express how they felt without being judged.
The understanding of racism may be difficult however during our discussions in class we learnt that you understand it thru personal experience or even relationships . racism can b shown within a school finance, when any type of law enforcement is racial profiling or even representation in the United states. As i learned their are alot of different types of racism such as personal racism, systematic racism and internalized racism. Personal racism is the ideas and feelings held in that individual mind and individual behavior . The person dealing with this type of raicsm may feel superior to another race ,feel threatened or hatred towards the person due their skin color or race and also sterotype many races . Systematic racism is when things are built into the structure id the society or into how we do things. an example of this is when