Sociology Understanding Essay

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1. Marriage and family are viewed by three sociological perspectives. They are the functionalist, the conflict and the symbolic interactionist perspective. Functionalists examine the functions and dysfunctions of family life. Incest and taboo are examples of this. Conflict theorist focus on inequality in marriage, especially unequal power between husbands and wives. Symbolic interactionist examine the contrasting experiences and perspectives of men and women in marriage.

2. Two characteristics and trends in marriage among U.S. Families are postponement of first marriage and childbirth and an increase in cohabitation. Postponing marriage is today’s norm. U.S. Women used to be married before they turned 24. Today's average women has her first child at age 25. Although marriage and child birth is more likely postponed, cohabitation is not. There's a dramatic increase on couples who live together before marriage compared to in 1970's.

3. Two major problems in U.S. Education are cheating and violence. School administrators are cheating for their students because it makes them look better. It produces false numbers so schools look better but they are robbing students of a real grade, the grade students really deserve. This grade helps students realize how hard they need to work and will prepare them for the real life. Another problem is school violence. This includes aggravated assault, rape, robbery, and other acts of violence. Students are sent to school to be educated