Software Development Methodology and Prototype Essay example

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1. Describe each law in your own words. Illustrate with a practical example.

Glass laws: If the basic requirements of the project are not fulfilled then the project may fail. It plays an important role in the IT projects. Most of the projects fail due to improper requirements at the beginning level.

Example: If a film maker what to produce a film, he will list out all the requirements of that project for example the budget of the film, important actors in the film, technicians etc. If any one of the requirements is failed then the producer may fall into a bad situation with a huge loss of the project.

Boehm’s law: When a project is at the design level we may face many errors and which may be most expensive if it is not removed at the first level. Finding an error or a problem at the design level and getting that solution will leads to cheaper and easy to fix it.

Example: Coming to the example JNTU University has come with an online exam for the students. They designed the project in a way that all the students can write the exam through online but when it came to implementation the students faced many problems to write the exam due to the errors in the project. It lead to a huge expensive for the university to fix that problem.

Boehm’s second law: Boehm’s second law explains how important is to have a prototype for a project. Prototyping helps the developers to design the project in an easy way. Prototype includes all the things that are used in the main project and which can reduces the requirement’s and design errors especially in the user interface projects. Prototype is a sample or demo of a project. It includes all the requirements for the project and by using the prototype they design the actual prototype. Prototype is used to fix errors and requirements at the design level so that the project can be made successful with the help of prototype. It is also called as the test face for the project.

Example: prototype is used to reduce the requirements and design errors. For example before launching a rocket the NASA will have a prototype of that rocket how that will go into the universe and works properly. They sent this prototype and have a test if it