Essay about Solar Energy in San Diego

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Solar Energy in San Diego, CA

English 120 Research Paper (rough draft)

By Lavant Moore

Solar energy is good for San Diego. This research paper will provide credible sources to support why and how renewable Solar Energy is good for the community of San Diego now and in the future. The city of San Diego is home to 1.37 million people and it is known to many major businesses that are consumers of energy, like SDGE for instance.
The types of energy sources in San Diego today are conventional gas fired power plants and large hydroelectric plants. Solar energy is a good alternative source to traditional power as the sun is a renewable sustainable source and supports a very healthy environment. Eventually, the traditional sources of energy will run out and people and businesses will need an alternate source of energy like solar power to provide energy for lights, heat, and cooling systems.
Also I will discuss some positive benefits and advantages of having Solar Energy in San Diego.
Section 1:
The city of San Diego is home to 1.37 million people. Making it the eighth largest city in the United States. But from a geographical standpoint, the “Pacific Ocean air, keeping the summers cool and the winters warm, tempers the climate in San Diego. Severe weather is rare in the area; snow is almost unknown, and the city averages only three thunderstorms a year. September and October often bring hot eastern winds from the desert, producing what are usually the hottest days of the year”( These residents live in an area of a traditionally warm climate, making San Diego a great place to consume these solar energy sources. “The San Diego region is poised on the brink of a new energy future, and the path it charts now will determine in large part the success of its people, its economy, and its ability to provide a cleaner, more secure energy supply for generations to come”(San Diego 2020).
The types of energy sources in San Diego today are conventional gas fired power plants and large hydroelectric plants. Also the county provides a working blueprint of realistic methods to reduce greenhouse gases from power generation by 50 percent over current levels by 2020, while increasing the total electricity supply from renewable energy resources and maximizing locally generated power. The plan is economically feasible for residents and businesses alike. SDGE, one of San Diego’s largest energy companies has created a ten-year strategic plan that will allow a 20 percent reduction in green house emissions.
A much more significant shift from fossil fuel to renewable energy sources will be required if San Diego reduces its greenhouse gas emissions at a cost-effective rate. Virtually, all local power generation sources burn natural gas. The price of natural gas nearly tripled since 2002, and still remains greatly unpredictable. The high price of natural gas has made renewable energy sources more-cost effective when compared to natural gas-fired power generation sources.
The citizens of San Diego will be more efficient consumers of energy in 2030. They will use smart, efficient technologies to manage the use of electricity and natural gas at home and at work. Despite an increase in electronic devices the amount of energy consumed per citizen will be significantly reduced. Use of more efficient technologies and the development of a more balanced energy supply will result in lower use and lower life-cycle costs of energy production with a lower environmental impact. Emissions will be reduced and air will be cleaner.
Section 2:
Just a base definition of Solar Energy, which is electromagnetic energy transmitted from the sun that is also known as solar radiation. The amount that reaches the earth is equal to one billionth of total solar energy generated, or the equivalent of about 420 trillion kilowatt-hours. Solar energy is the technology used to harness the suns energy to make it useable.
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