Solid To A Gas Is

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Word Bank dimelting tetra-

condensation evaporation monotri-

deposition freezing sublimation

1) Solid to a gas is _______________ 2) Solid to a liquid is _______________ 3) Gas to a solid is _______________ 4) Liquid to a gas is _______________ 5) Gas to a liquid is _______________ 6) Liquid to a solid is _______________ 7) Three means _______________ 8) Two means _______________ 9) One means _______________ 10) Four means _______________ 11) ______ equals force times distance 12) ______ the molocules are the same as the ones you started with 13) ______ comes from the letters of a word assciated with that element 14) ______ the force of attraction between two atoms that hold them together 15) ______ is the product of observations, common sense, rational thinking, expirimentation, and (sometimes) brilliant insights 16) ______ start with the elemet farthest to the left in the periodic table for the element farthest to the right side add the suffix -ide 17) ______ is energy that flows from a highertempature object to a lowertempature objects 18) ______ a very small of very large visible object 19) ______ any material consisting of only one type of atom 20) ______ atoms can clump together to form a molecular unit that acts as a single electrically charged group, class a polyatomic ion 21) ______ its a mixture and contains two or a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) m) n) o) p) q) r) s) t) u) v) w) x) y) z) Temperature is related to? Guideline 2 periodic table physical change chemical reaction science physical change mass Heat pure "Chemical" Potential Energy basic research chemical bond temperature Thermometer volume heterogeneous mixture physical properites element homonogeous mixture Potential Energy mixture compound Guideline 3 Guideline 4 physical model

22) ______

23) ______

24) ______ 25) ______ 26) ______ 27) ______

28) ______ 29) ______ 30) ______ 31) ______ 32) ______ 33) ______ 34) ______ 35) ______ 36) ______

37) ______

38) ______

39) ______

40) ______

41) ______ 42) ______

more elements or compounds exploits this characteristics of matter, measuring tempature by mants of the expansion and contraction of a liquid, usually mercury or colored alcohol aims to develop useful applications from the knowledge gained from basic research the compacity to do work tells us how warm or cold and object is relative to some standard the amount of space an object occupies a substance changes it phase or some other physical property but not its chemical identity when atoms of different elements bond to make one another a quantitive measure of how much matter an object contains the energy stored within