The Pros And Cons Of Solving A Personal Decision

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A time where I had to solve a personal problem was when I made the biggest decision of my life. This decision happened when I had to choose either to move up at my job or stay in my current position. Making a decision this critical took a lot of thinking and contemplating because it would mean something new that I was not use to. It was a process of weighing the pros and cons of the decision. In this paper I will how hard it is to make a decision from moving up in a company or staying in the same position that you know to be something of ease.
Using the techniques in the creative process helped in making a life changing decision to move up at my job. This sparked my curiosity because it meant higher pay and a better chance of moving up to an even higher position. The thought first came to my mind after my supervisor told me that I should move up. That I learn something new instead of doing retail support and help retain customers from cancelling their services. I talked it over with my family and friends and got their opinions on if I should take the position or if I shouldn’t take it.
The problem that I face with making this decision is that if I take the job I will not be able to go back to my old position. Should I take the job or should I not take the job this may be the hardest decision to ever make. I do want to move up in the business or stay complacent in my current position something that takes a lot of thinking to decide. There are multiple perspectives to decide what I should do in this situation. On one side I have a chance to move up and make more money. Then on the other side I can stay in my current position and be one of the top representatives in the call center. The best choice in this situation is to take the position with more money because I will have the chance of moving up further in the company. Coming to this decision is better because I do not want to become stuck in a position with no way of moving up. Having worked in multiple positions within the company helps me in bettering myself and having the ability to someday become a senior representative and later on may be a coach for the company.
While looking over the new position I have to think long and hard on this because this is my career. The new position has a raise and more bonus potential than the old position. Then again in the old position I have a chance of helping new hires that are about to come out onto the floor. Is this something that I really want to do? Can I perform to the best of my capabilities in this new position? Am I making the transition too early in the company since I have only been here since December? The answer to these questions is simple in the fact that it is something that I really want to do. I know that with practice I can do the job duties that are required for the position. Even though I do feel that I am making the transition early that it is the best choice for me.
The ideas I used to come to a solution in either taking the position